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Why Us – Siddhi Life IVF



Our Clinic is very strategically located in Borivali West, a hop outside platform no.8 of Borivali station. It is superbly connected by rail, and is easily accessible by road. We are half hours drive away from domestic and international airport.

For the last three years, we have been certified by QA international (UKAS) as a ISO 9001:2000 certified ART clinic. The centre has stringent control and procedural norms which meet international standards.

Our website is a favourite of ‘netizens’ and adds a lot of information along with simple audio visual material for the couples to understand the complicated & confusing treatment option.

For the patients’ convenience, we organise blood collection at our centre –Monday to Saturday mornings and we are equipped to scan patients Monday to Saturday and a few evenings. These is most appreciated by office going women, who are required USG-scan.

We offer flexible stimulation protocols for IVF considering the patients past history and budget aimed at success at low cost, without compromising on quality.

We prefer, not to batch patients IVF, ICSI and other advanced ART procedures. This gives each couple the best possible chance of success. This is possible, because we have trained in-house reproductive biologists available 24*7.

Our success rates with IVF and ICSI are comparable in the world, however, we strive to achieve pregnancy by simpler means (IUI/FSP) wherever possible(patient friendly approach).

We have noteworthy successes in complicated cases and elderly couples who have failed ART treatment elsewhere.

During the entire treatment process, personal attention is given to each and every couple by the consultants, Dr. Kaustubh Kulkarni and Dr. Sharda Kulkarni. One or both of them are available daily at the clinic to evaluate the patients’s reports and shepherd them through the treament cycle, both basic and advanced. Critical decisions about the treatment cycle are, never delegated to assistants. They are, in addidtion, backed by an experienced and dedicated group of support staff who do their best in each department.

We do not advise any additional or unnecessary tests (i.e. blood tests or laparoscopy) that may not be required, thus keeping the costs to a minimum.